Food can only be enjoyed when our body is capable of processing it well and therefore doesn’t bother us with uncomfortability or sickness, many people suffer from various different allergies or intolerances when it comes to food, today we are focussing on why eggs make your stomach hurt.

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What Are Eggs Made Of?

The egg has been around for centuries and delivers many benefits for you and your body, unfortunately it can also be the other way around, eggs consist of 3 main parts, which includes the shell, the egg white and the egg yolk.


The egg yolk consists of 48% water, 17% protein, 32% fat and 2% minerals, while the egg white consists of 88% water, 11% protein, 0,2% fat and 0,8% minerals.

Egg white consists of many different proteins such as ovalbumin, conalbumin, ovamucoid and ovomucin. Ovalbumin makes up roughly 55% of the egg white and is a phospho glycoprotein, consisting of three conponents called A1, A2, and A3. Conalbumin makes up 13% of the egg white. Ovamucoid is a glycoprotein and makes up about 10% of the egg white. Ovomucin is the reason why the egg white feels like jelly, it makes up about 2% of the egg white.

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The enzyme lysozyme is also part of the egg, it makes up about 3% of the egg and is able to dissolve the cell walls of bacteria, consisting of 3 parts which are A, B and C. Avidin makes up 0,05% of the egg white protein. Ovoglubin is another player in egg, consisting of two parts which are G1 and G2, which are great foaming agents.

The reason why eggs trigger many complications is due to their proteinic nature.

Where Do Food Allergies Come From?

Eggs Make Your Stomach Hurt
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A very common problem for humanity, especially nowadays, are food allergies, allergic reactions happen because your immune system falsly treats proteins as an attacker and therefor releases chemicals to fight them, which then results in allergic reactions, some are light but some are very heavy, and can be lethal.

Egg Intolerance

A reason for the pain you experience after eating eggs can be a simple intolerance to either the egg white or egg yolk, if you experience unusual stomach pains or cramps, it is most likely due to an egg intolerance, if it happens multiple times you need to talk to your doctor about it. The really creepy part about egg intolerance is that it comes and go, some people suffer from it for decades while others don’t.

Intolerance Treatments

The most common practice is a so-called elimination diet, which will remove eggs from your diet temporarly and then give it a run again, slowly increasing the egg intake again.

You should also avoid any food that has been made with a lot of eggs to avoid complications.

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While the nutrients in eggs are very fruitful for your body, an egg intolerance will just make your life worse, if you eliminate eggs out of your diet and don’t feel a difference, you are good to go. However if you feel a difference, ask your doctor to run some checks to see if your body has all the needed nutrition it needs.

Egg Allergies

Egg allergies are most common in children, many children will outgrow their egg allergy sooner or later but it can come back anytime, even when you are an adult, some people fight with it for ages, others don’t.

If you experience allergic reactions, emergency assistance is needed immediately!

If you however experience instant swelling, rashes or itches, diarrhea or bloating whenever you eat eggs you might suffer from an allergic reaction to eggs, which has to be treated immediately. Your immune system treats the egg as an enemy, due to the high proteins in eggs it is very common to get an allergic reaction to it.

Allergy Treatments

Egg allergies can be lethal and decrease your quality of life drastically, which is why you need to treat it immediately. The use of epipens or antihistamine is very common, and can ease the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

A long time treatment would be to not eat eggs anymore, but your doctor will decide that for you after running multiple tests.

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Eggs are very healthy but sometimes our body will defend itself from it, firstly you should rule out if you suffer from an intolerance or an allergic reaction and act accordingly.


Food? Food. 🧟 But on a real note, theres nothing that excites me more.