Rosacea is a skin condition that affects more than 16 million Americans. It is a chronic condition that causes the skin to become red, inflamed, and dry. There is no known cure for rosacea, but there are treatments that can help control the symptoms. One of the most important things you can do to help control your rosacea is to avoid the foods that trigger rosacea. The Food Advice shows you a list of foods to avoid with rosacea.

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What Are The Foods to Avoid?

Foods Bad For Rosacea
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Rosacea is a skin condition that can be caused by a variety of factors, including sun exposure, pollution, and genetics. The most common symptom of rosacea is redness and inflammation of the skin. Some foods that are commonly associated with rosacea are dairy products, red wine, spicy foods, and chocolate. It is important to keep in mind that not all foods will cause rosacea, but it is important to avoid those that may aggravate the condition.

Red Wine

Red wine is one of the most common foods that people with rosacea are sensitive to. The alcohol in red wine can cause the skin to become inflamed and red.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can stimulate the production of oil and sweat in the skin, which can lead to Rosacea. By avoiding spicy foods, you can help to prevent this skin condition from occurring. Find out why spicy foods are more problematic than good.

Dairy Products

Dairy products are one of the top food items that can cause rosacea. Dairy products contain high levels of milk proteins and hormones, which can trigger the skin condition. Additionally, dairy products are high in sugar, which can also irritate the skin and contribute to rosacea.


There is some evidence that chocolate may be a trigger for rosacea. Chocolate contains the histamin, which is known to cause inflammation in the skin. In addition, the cocoa butter in chocolate is a common allergen and can be a major contributor to rosacea flare-ups.

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How Can You Tell if A Food is A Trigger For You?

There are a few things you can do to help determine if a food is a trigger for you. One way to do this is to keep a food diary for a week and track the number of times you have a flare-up. Additionally, you can ask your doctor or dermatologist about specific foods that may be triggers for you.

Do Bananas Cause Rosacea?

Bananas are a common food that people with rosacea may be advised to avoid. This is because bananas are considered to be activators of histamine, which can trigger an rosacea.

What Foods Are Good For Rosacea?

Some foods that are good for rosacea include: avocado, salmon, tomatoes, yogurt, green tea, nuts and and eggs.


As you can see, there are certain foods that cause rosacea, and certain foods that are good for rosacea, either way it is recommended to make a check-up with your doctor to see which foods trigger your rosacea!


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