Lets be honest, we all love fast food from time to time and sometimes even order more than we can eat, because the general opinion is that fast food can hold itself good for longer periods of time than freshly made food, which is good for the small hunger inbetween, but for how long can you actually let a fast food burger sit out?

Fast Food Burgers

If you order burgers from mcdonalds, wendy’s or burger king isn’t so much of a difference as they all use the same techniques and ingredients with their own twist. The reason why fast food burgers are long-lasting, as we covered before, is due to the high salt and low moisture these burgers mostly consist off, with less to none moisture theres no place for bacteria and therefore lets a burger doesn’t spoil as fast than a regular freshly made burger, there are still risks if bacteria growth on fast food burgers.

How Long Can A Burger Sit Out?

The general recommendation is 2 hours at room temperature, while it is better to eat it before 2 hours are over, it also depends highly on the season, if its summer or winter, if its summer and you don’t have air conditioning at home that keeps your rooms at room temperature it is not recommended to let it sit out for more than 1 hour.

The Risks of Eating The Burger

how long can a fast food burger sit out
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While it might be safe to let it sit out for a while, there is still a risk of rapid bacteria growth in a short amount of time, which can result in food poisoning. We recommend making sure that your room isn’t too hot and that your burger isn’t left out for too long.

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If you are unsure whether you should eat it or not, you should probably throw it away. The USDA doesn’t recommend eating something that has been out for more than 2 hours, if all requirements are met (right temperature, food quality).

Don’t let the sun come near your burger, make sure the room sits at room temperature and before eating it always do the smelling or tasting test, if it tastes or smells unusual, listen to your senses!

What You Should Do Instead

Instead of risking food poisoning you should store your leftovers in the fridge, by doing that you ensure proper cooling and you will be able to eat it without any worries.

If there is no fridge available you can also store it in a cooling bag with some ice, or cold drinks.


Many people don’t like to throw away food which is a good thing, but risking poisoning yourself or others isn’t worth it, to prevent food waste and diseases you should always store your leftovers in a cold environment.


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