Cooking is such a fruitful hobby and task, theres nothing better than eating or serving your very own creation and enjoy it with your friends and family. Once the dinner is over its time to clean up and you see all the collateral damage your dinner preparations triggered, when cooking with a wok theres a possibility to have burnt food stuck inside and if not cleaned properly you won’t get rid of it, we show you the best way to clean a wok with burnt food…

The Wok

The quality of the wok is a very important factor when it comes to cleaning, many low quality woks tend to not spread the heat correctly which may results in overcooked or even burned food. The best woks are made out of cast iron. It is traditional to china and while the majority in the modern world prefers carbon steel woks, cast iron woks have gold benefits when it comes to cooking. Carbon steel woks heat up quickly and even, but lose the heat rather fast, while cast iron woks take a while to heat up but keeps the heat for a longer period of time. What you prefer is of course important, the majority recommends carbon steel but there are still many who sell woks with bad material quality, and if you can’t find anything made out of carbon steel, try iron cast woks.

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How to Properly Clean A Wok

This is rather simple and nothing that requires super-powers, when cleaning the wok it is important to protect the woks surface and not harm it. First you should take hot water and fill the wok with it, let it soak for 5 to 10 minutes and then use soft materials (like a sponge) to rinse of everything inside, after being done, pour out the dirty water and fill the wok with clean, hot water and repeat the process. If the water is clear its time to pour it out and then reheat the wok on a low temperature to make it dry properly. Thats all there is to it.

How to Get Rid Of Burnt Food

How to clean a wok with burnt food
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If you suffer from burned food that is stuck on your woks surface don’t panic, there are actually easy steps to get rid of them. As mentioned above, to clean off your wok you simply fill it with hot water, let it sit and then use a sponge to brush it off, it should give you an idea of how stuck the burnt food is. Repeat this process till the burnt food is off the surface, don’t use any hard materials like steel sponges as it can hurt a woks surface especially when its seasoned.

When you have successfully removed the burnt food repeat the cleaning process with hot water and a soft sponge to give it one last clean breath.

How Do You Remove Black Stains From a Wok?

Many people experience black stains after using the wok many many times, and that is normal, but it also can be aesthetically unpleasing and is easy to remove. Fill the wok with hot water (as if you are proceeding to clean it) and mix the hot water with vinegar and baking powder. Try to stir up the water a little and then rub it clean.

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Many times woks change their color due to heavy usage and that is normal and is not harmful at all.

How To Season A Wok Correctly

Seasoning a wok is a must do before using it, as the food you cook inside tends to stick very heavily on the surface due to the material of the wok.

The easiest to season a wok is to heat it up, add cooking oil to it (1 or 2 tablespoons) and let it heat it up nicely, when it starts to smoke you should turn the heat to low and let it sit for 5 minutes, after that your wok is perfectly seasoned and can be used.


Cooking with a wok is a perfect experience and many don’t want to go back after trying it out, and while cleaning and preparing a wok can be overwhelming at first, its an easy task and will only benefit your dinner sessions.


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