When you are on the run, may it be camping or if you suffer from electrical outages, there are multiple ways to keep up without electricity, power outages are very common nowadays and can affect even the wealthiest neighbourhood, with more and more demand for electricity and poor maintenance of already existing electricity it can happen that you one day sit there without power. Today we try to answer how to keep your food warm when there is no electricity..


How to keep your food warm without electricity
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As we have discussed here, thermos are a great way of preserving your food, either to keep it cold or to keep it hot, thermos are crafted in a way that will ensure the quality of food for hours, a good thermos will even expand this duration depending on the amount of food inside, here is a good one for you to check out at amazon.

Hot Water Bath

If you have a gas stove or a portable camping stove you can easily heat up water and let your food rest in it zipped up in a ziplog bag. This way your food stays warm for longer periods of time. Check out this portable butane stove on amazon.

Thermal Bags

Another good way of keeping your food warm are thermal bags, they provide you with the right material to keep your food warm for at least 3 hours. Check out this thermal bag at amazon.

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Chafing Dishes

Often used at events or parties are chafing dishes, they use chafing fuel to keep the food inside the pans warm for a longer period of time, which can be used at home too, to see more check out these chafing dishes on amazon.


An oldschool way of keeping your food warm is wrapping it up in foil and then store it somewhere warm, preferably wrapped up in a blanket.


If you have a garden/balcony and maybe a grill you can easily wrap up your food in foil and let it rest on the grill with a low heat source. You can also safely use a camping stove in your garden, heat your food up and then bring it inside if you don’t like to play around with gas inside of your house. The same goes with balconies.


There is only so much you can do about power outages, or when in the middle of the woods, these ways of keeping your food warm work temporary and will ensure that you get to eat a warm meal and eventually get your power back


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