Foods can be a cesspool for bacteria, and especially nowadays when there are so many food creations and such a huge industry. But what food actually does not support bacteria growth?

Why Bacteria Loves Food

Bacteria loves food because it is a source of energy. Bacteria can use the energy from food to grow and reproduce. Thats why food is a literal heaven for bacteria and therefore need to be taken care of properly!

Which Foods Do Not Support Bacteria Growth?

There actually is a list of foods that prevent bacteria growth or slows it down by a maximum. We show you a list of foods that are save from bacteria.

Frozen Foods

One of the ways that frozen foods are immune to bacteria growth is because they are sealed in a hermetic environment. This means that the food does not come into contact with any other objects or surfaces, which helps to prevent the spread of bacteria. Additionally, many frozen foods are made with ingredients that are antibacterial, such as garlic and onions. Therefore frozen foods are a good and clean bacteria free source.

Dry Foods

Dry foods are immune to bacteria because they do not contain water. When moisture is present, bacteria can grow and reproduce. That is why dried foods are a good way to kill off bacteria, by drying foods you reduce the water contents and therefore kill off or even prevent any further bacteria growth.

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Canned Foods

Canned foods are also immune to bacteria growth because they are sealed in a canning jar or container. The high-pressure and temperature of the canning process kills any bacteria that may be present. That is why canned food is a save option for preserving food.

Raw Carrots

Raw carrots are immune to bacteria because they have a high level of carotenoids, which are antioxidants that protect the carrots from damage.

Which Foods To Avoid?

What Food Does Not Support Bacteria Growth
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There are plenty of foods that support the growth of bacteria, meat, most fruits and vegetables support the growth of bacteria. If you follow food guidelines and take care of your food properly you won’t face any problem.

When handling meat always make sure the temperature is right, that you are wearing gloves and have clean surfaces when preparing the meat.

The same goes for vegetables, make sure to clean the surfaces, wear gloves, and make sure to have the right temperature when preparing it.

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What to Keep in Mind

A good rule of thumb is: the less moisture food contains the less bacteria it has, while raw meat is heaven for bacteria growth, dried foods are safe place and do not support bacteria growth.

The right temperature is also very important as mentioned above, when storing your food in a too hot environment then you will most likely end up with food poisoning.

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Always make sure to clean your vegetables and meat, rinse everything off, and make sure you thoroughly do it.


There might be a huge cesspool of bacteria in the world nowadays, but also more safe and modern measures to prevent getting sick. Happy cooking!


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