Ants love certain types of food and can be a real hassle once they figured out a way to the source, may it be in your garden or kitchen, we will show you 3 foods that attract ants and also how to get rid of them as fast as possible!

Why Do Ants Love Food

There are many reasons why ants love food. Some believe that the ants are attracted to the sweet and fatty substances in the food, while others believe that the ants are attracted to the scent of food. Whatever the reason, it is clear that ants enjoy eating, and they can overcome and bypass any obstacles given enough time to figure it out.

What Foods Do Ants Like?

Ants are attracted to a variety of foods, depending on the species. Some ants prefer sweets, while others prefer protein or carbohydrates. Some ants also like to collect different types of food, such as pollen or nectar.

Do Ants Like All Food?

Due to the sugar in most of our foods they tend to like all food we provide, some more, some less, there are foods that will attract thousands of ants and foods that will attract less of them.

Why do Ants Suddenly Appear?

There is a simple reason for that – theres no magic involved though, ants are hunters and gatherers, they observe and scout and if one ant discovers a taunting smell or food, it will tell its friends about it and they will come and take a look. Boom! and then you have a big army of ants.

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What Smells Attract Ants?

Theres a variety of smell that attracts them, from sugary sweets to dirty clothing, from nuts to perfume. Due to their high odor receptors, which is 4 or more times than any other insect has, they are able to smell almost any smell and therefore get attracted so easily.

What Smell Do Ants Hate?

Of course ants don’t love every smell there is, they are picky when it comes to that, one smell they hate is garlic, other smells like ecalyptus or lavender are also not loved by them.

3 Foods That Attract Ants

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Sugar or sweets in general are the number one reason why ants will give you a visit, the bad part about this is that sugar can be found in almost any food we consume, if its bread, your dogs food or some type of candy. The reason for that is, that the sugar is an energy boost due to the high carbohydrate contents in them for ants and helps them to maintain their daily work.


Carbohydrates which includes rice or pasta are also beloved by ants and will ensure a visit, the reason they like carbs is that just like sugar, it gives them an energy boost. They maintain a diet like any other animal and are very strict about that.


Meat, milk or any food with high contents of proteins are also loved by ants, they can nurture from it for a long duration and like to store them in their homes for shared consumption!

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How to Get Rid Of Ants

There are a few effective ways to get rid off ants and we will list each of them here, ants aren’t as dangerous but they can carry bacteria which increases the risk of infections.


As mentioned in the “What Smell Do Ants Hate?” section, peppermint is a good way to get rid of them very fast. You can easily add peppermint and mix it with water and then spread it across the affected place and also all source gates they came from, this will make sure that they will turn around timely.

Neem oil

Neem Oil is another effective way of getting rid of ants, you can apply neem oil to the affected areas and it will safely kill off any ants daring to come.


Ants hate lemons! Spread lemon juice across the affected areas and the ants will flee in no-time.

Hot water

To get rid of any ant entrance you can simply pour boiling hot water into it, it won’t kill the whole colony but gives you time to prepare the areas with other ingredients.

Clean Every Day

To avoid ant attraction it is recommend to keep your house and garden clean, don’t let food sit on the table and try to clean the floor at least once a day.

If you aren’t interested in any natural remedy against ants, chemical solutions can help you.


Ants can be a huge problem if not treated early, once they established the source of their feast it is hard to detract them, the only option left is to kill them. We hope these tips gave you an idea on how to prevent ants from coming to your home and how to get rid of them safely.

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