Cooking might be a pleasuring task but especially nowadays there can be days where we simply have no time or motivation to cook for ourselves, luckily there are thousands of restaurants where we can get exactly what we desire, if its asian food, steak, vegan or fast food, its all there within a click, and that is a good thing. We are going to give you 5 tips that will help you in finding the best place where you can eat healthy.

Platform & Desire

The first and most essential thing is the platform, many people tend to use apps and there are some that will show you all available restaurants near you, including the menu, prices and rating of the restaurant.

While these apps are a good invention, the ratings may be limited to the apps’s users reviews, and they mostly underpay the restaurants and getting a big cut off your payment to the restaurant.

We recommend either googling the “best healthy restaurants near me” and going directly to their site or using websites like Yelp for a wider catalogue of restaurants.

Luckily most restaurants these days have their own website, making it possible for you to order directly on your website – sometimes with special discounts you won’t find anywhere else. This is because they want you to order directly from them, where the money goes directly to them in a 100% rate.

Popular Apps & Websites

As mentioned before there are plenty of apps and websites that will give you a list of restaurants based on your location, to name a few:

  • TripAdvisor
  • Yelp
  • Opentable
  • DoorDash
  • RestaurantGuru
  • GrubHub
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and so on.

We are going to give you the best app and website according to our opinion, these will include good navigation, variety of settings and also decent prices.


TripAdvisor isn’t only popular because it finds you the best restaurants, its a good website showing anything you desire, whether it be searching for a decent hotel, or local activities, its all there, but they also show you the restaurants you need nesr you which makes it a good experience.

The navigation is quite simple with a nice UI and a search bar, where you can simply enter the city or area and it will search for you.

You will see which restaurants offer online ordering, reservation, and also all reviews from people like you, which makes it so good is that you can just type in a city and see all available restaurants – literally. From steakhouses to seafood, to BBQ, its all there.

Even if you are not traveling, you can use tripadvisor at your home town and see whats there, we recommend it highly.


Yelp became very popular because it is intended to be used by the consumers, it is a big catalogue of detailed reviews about any type of store or business you can think of.

When it comes to food the website itself is pretty simple, you can search for the type of business (restaurant, dentist, etc) and then the location. You can either use your GEO location or type in a town, it will then show you all available restaurants with reviews, menu, opening times, special events and so on.

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Yelp is easy to use and we highly recommend it.


OpenTable does differ from the 2 above, and it is worth to be mentioned. It is a little bit more special as the name suggests because it is not for the standard restaurant.

If you want to go to dinner in a classy restaurant, then OpenTable is your go to. It offers a simple design with a detailed search function that offers not only the date & time, but also how many persons and where you want to eat.

You will then see a list of restaurants, with reviews, prices and availability. If you find a restaurant thats free, and you go with a good friend or even your husband/wife, then it will show you how much it costs and when the dinner will take place.

We recommend it for a romantic dinner night or a more professional ambiente.


There might be many apps and websites, but according to us and many users, these 3 are top players which are doing a good job at offering the ease of ordering and finding places to eat.

5 Tips To Find The Best Restaurant in Town

Where To Eat Healthy Food Near Me
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It is recommended to not only check one website for your favorite restaurant near you, you should look at all the websites that offer listings to see if the reviews and the prices differ in any way.

Newspaper, if you are new

If you are visiting a town you should check the local newspaper, established restaurants mostly have a part in them where you can get to know the name of the restaurant and then search it up online.

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Talk to People

If you want a direct feedback we recommend that you just ask local people, what in their opinion the best restaurant is, they will gladly recommend you some as it is nice to give people good recommendations.

Social Media

Search for local restaurants on facebook or instagram, this way you get direct feedback, and also a look at all the food, the place and the overall opinion about the restaurant.

Wander Around

If you are new to a city, take your friend, husband or wife and just explore the city, it might be easier to use an app, but it is more exciting to find a good restaurant by yourself, even if you are searching for one in your hometown, visit spots you haven’t yet and maybe get surprised!


This world is filled with so many cuisines and restaurants that it can be hard to choose the right one, but it is also much easier today to find the desired restaurant and many times you should try something new.


I love food, so much that i started writing about it.