We all know that feeling after eating our favorite snack, meal or after a family dinner: the food that gets stuck in your teeth after. Some of it is easy to pull out but the rest is stuck so deep and tight that it becomes a real hassle to remove it. We show you why this is happening, ways to prevent that & ways to remove it safely without hurting your gums or teeth.

Food Stuck in Teeth

There are a few reasons why food can get stuck in your teeth. One common cause is when the food gets caught between your teeth and the gum line. This can cause pressure and discomfort, as well as tooth decay. If the food is lodged in one of your molars, it can be difficult to remove without professional help. Other causes of food getting stuck in teeth include drinking too much fluid right before dinner, chewing on hard objects (like ice chips), or brushing too vigorously. In each of these cases, it’s important to see a dentist for an examination and treatment plan specific to your situation.

How To Prevent Food From Getting Stuck in Your Teeth

If you’re like most people, you probably brush your teeth twice a day – and that’s great! But if food gets stuck in your teeth, it can be really frustrating. Here are five tips to help prevent food from getting stuck in your teeth:

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Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day

Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day – morning and night. This will help remove any food particles that may have gotten stuck in between your teeth.

Use A Toothbrush With Soft Bristles

If toothpaste isn’t working, try using a toothbrush with soft bristles instead. This will help scrub away any particles that may be preventing the food from getting dislodged from between your teeth.

Use Dental Floss

Using dental floss is a good way of getting food out of your teeth, it should be applied after each dinner, thoroughly clean your teeth and be careful to not hurt your gums. Any hardstuck food will easily get removed that way.

Five Reasons Why Food Gets Stuck in Your Teeth

Why does food get stuck in my teeth
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One of the major reasons is tooth decay, tooth decay makes place for leftover food that gets hard-stuck between your teeth and if you aren’t dental flossing daily it can cause inflammation.

Your Gums

Another reason for food that gets stuck in your teeth are your gums! If they regress too much there is space between your gums and teeth which gets filled with food easily and doubles the risk for inflammation.


If you are suffering from cavitis the food you eat most likely will get stuck inside of your tooth, which makes it hard for you to remove it without professional help, and it will cause rapid inflammation if not removed timely.

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Tough Food

Foods like Meat, or Chips will most likely get stuck in your teeth because of their nature, you bite hard, you chew a lot, and small parts of the food will get caught in your tooth or teeth.

Bad Dental Care

Lets be honest, if you are regularly brushing your teeth and dental flosssing carefully, food that gets stuck shouldn’t be a matter to you. But nowadays our lifestyles are very stressy and sometimes we forget things, this includes dental care, so skip the floss and brushing and the next stay start eating again, which will further push the food between your teeth which makes it even harder to get out. So make sure to at least brush floss after every meal!

Food Won’t Come Out – What Next?

If your food is still stuck after you’ve tried everything listed above it is time to call your dentist, it might not be a huge problem yet – besides that it feels annoying – but it can cause inflammation and tooth pain rather quickly if not removed. It also causes bad breath over time and with each meal you have it will be pushed deeper.


The most annoying thing is that the food you eat gets stuck, theres only so much you can do to prevent that or fix that – but sometimes it just happens. We hope these tips helped you!

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