Eating food is a necessity and requires a lot of work to be done, luckily your body does the most part on itself, you only have to chew and enjoy it. Sometimes it doesn’t work as intended and theres problems, it can be oral pain, stomach pain or throat pain, so if it hurts while you are eating food you should keep reading..

The Processes Happening While Eating

First of all comes your mouth, with your teeth making sure that the food you eat gets properly processed before swallowing and your saliva to properly moisture it to ease the swallowing it is the most essential process of eating.

Once you swallow the food, which requires muscles and the right signals, your throat serves as a gateway from your mouth to your stomach, while this happens your breathing stops as the “gate” to your stomach is opened, the body prevents food or liquids from wandering to your lungs.

As the food reaches your stomach the process of digestion begins slowly but surely, the food will break down the food your ate into many smaller pieces by creating acids and enzymes, when this happens a lot of energy is produced, which is why many people often get tired after eating a whole meal.

The Reason For Pain While Eating


If you experience pain in your mouth while eating it can be due to inflammation of your gums or teeth, the most common reason for pain while eating. If you burned yourself, experienced tooth pain before, make sure to get a checkup to make sure its nothing bad.

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If you experience pain while chewing food it could due to the inflammation of your gums, there are many reasons for this as too spicy, tough or hot food can damage your gums.


If you experience pain in your teeth while eating this can be due the inflammation of your teeth, your teeth can be very sensitive to cold or hot food. To prevent any more pain you should see a dentist for a checkup.


The throat also can be suffering from inflammation if it hurts when swallowing, another common reason for pain in your throat could be too hot food, as the walls of the throat are thin and smooth.

If you didn’t chew correctly (at least 30 times) before swallowing it also can hurt the throat, as the food is too big and gets forced down your throat which will of course enlarge it which results in pain.


If you are feeling ill in a general way it couls be due to a cold, which also will make eating and chewing hurtful for you. Try to eat light foods and eat slowly.


Throat pain can be triggered due to allergies, which will result in a sore throat and makes it hurtful to swallow food.


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There are many reasons why your stomach hurts after eating as the stomach is the most complex area of the body, if you experience pain in your stomach after eating you should consider the following:


If you ate sensitive food like meat or fish that hasn’t been cooked well you are risk poisoning yourself which will result in pain, as your body tries to reject it and get it out (either through puking or diarrhea).

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Lactose Intolerance

Many people around the world suffer from lactose intolerance and it can be stressful as many foods contain lactose, if you experienced these type of pains before you should see a doctor and change your diet.

Too Much Food

Very often our hunger outweighs the actual need for food so we overeat, when that happens we mostly didn’t chew correctly and that means tough work for your stomach which can result in pain. Take your time, as eating slowly and thoroughly benefits your health, body and well-being more. And you still end up not feeling hungry anymore!


Not only is lactose intolerance very common amongst the population, also certain food allergies are, if you suffer extreme pain and it occurs everytime you eat the same food, get your doctor to make a test to see if you are actually allergic.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

This disease affects many people and results in bloating, diarrhea and excessive pain depending on the food you eat, cramps occur very often and you should see a doctor if you have any of these symptoms to maybe rule out possible diseases.

Acid Reflux

We covered ways to fight acid reflux before, and many people suffer from it due to the processing of most foods nowadays, if you experience stomach burn and an uncomfortable burning in your throat you may ate or drank something fatty or with too much fruit acids, alcohol also triggers acid reflux.


If you experience pain directly under your ribs it can be due to pancreatitis, which is a common inflammation of the pancreas, the symptoms range from light stinging to excessive pains, and can reach your back in no time. If you experience this type of pain we recommend going to your doctor immediately.

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There are many possible reasons for pain when eating food, but luckily todays medicine is good at healing and repair, so you can enjoy eating again as fast as possibld.


I love food, so much that i started writing about it.