Ever sat there and thought, “wow, i really want to eat xyz”? then you probably know how food cravings feel and how hard it is to ignore them. If its a specific type of meal or just a candy bar, we all experience food cravings from time to time, if you are working out, are a health guru or simply live more healthy it is common to crave the unhealthy, like fried foods, and we explain why that is the case…

Food Cravings

Food cravings are a common occurrence. They can be caused by a variety of factors, including stress, boredom, and emotional burden. Some people may also experience food cravings as a result of an eating disorder. So it is completely normal to crave certain foods from time to time.

Why Do I Crave Fried Food?

Most people crave fried food because it is a simple and satisfying way to enjoy calories and fat. Fried foods are also often coated in a savory batter or sauce, which gives them an extra flavor boost. People also tend to crave fried food when they are feeling stressed or anxious, as it provides a temporary sense of calm. A huge factor for craving certain foods is the deficiency your body might suffer from.

Nutrient Deficiency

If you lack certain nutrients your body starts to call for them, giving you the needed hint to eat what your body needs. If you crave high fat foods like fried food, you possibly lack essential fatty acids. This can be due to a healthy low fat diet or just because of stress.

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Mood is a big big factor when it comes to food cravings, not only does your mood influence your communication it also influences your cravings. If you are sad you probanly crave sugar like ice cream or chocolate. If you feel angry, you might feel in need for tough foods like chips or meat. If you are happy you start to crave salad or something whole. Not getting enough sleep also can trigger food cravings.


Hormones play another huge role in food cravings, women in their menopause often crave foods that are sugar-rich or carbs, due to the inbalance of serotonin and oestrogen.

Another bad guy is your thyroid, if you suffer from a dysfunction, in example an overactive thyroid will result in food cravings since you burn essential nutrients at a way faster rate.


Ah yes, pregnancy! When you are pregnant you start to nourish a second life, in a literal sense, which is why your body starts craving certain types of food. Due to rapid hormone changes your brain tells you to eat a lot of this and that. It also is important for your body to produce more resources than before which results in more intake, naturally.


When you are on your period, your body is a battlefield, this will also result in cravings due to your hormones going wild. So when you feel like it, go for it, as long as it doesn’t make your period worse.

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How to Fight Cravings

The best way to fight your food cravings is to let them take over, food cravings in moderation aren’t unhealthy or not normal, it is completely fine to crave certain foods especially when you are hungry.

If you feel like it gets worse or to an extend where it doesn’t feel normal you should get a checkup at your doctor. Tell them how you feel, how often you have cravings and then he’ll take proper measures to find the cause and solution.

Another way of fighting your cravings is to just eat something. If you crave sugar just eat fruit, the sweetness and freshness of fruits will result in you being satisfied, by eating as soon as they hit you you make sure that your cravings will vanish.

Fill Up Your Nutrient Storage

Why do I crave fried food
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If you crave certain foods it is due to a lack of nutrients your body needs. The best way to give in to cravings is to eat what you want to eat. We show you a list which food craving means what deficiency there could be..

  1. Craving fried food, or fat foods, you most likely lack omega-3.
  2. Craving meat can be the result of a protein deficency in your daily intake.
  3. Craving sweets or candy is an indication for a blood sugar disbalance.
  4. The craving of fruits can be due to dehydration, hormones or your mood.
  5. Craving fish also tells you to get more fat, like omega-3.


Food cravings are very common and mostly harmless, our body is a working machine that needs nutrition 24/7 to work properly, and whenever it doesn’t it shows you, in this case by craving. If you experience lots of cravings that are very intense then you always should get a checkup.

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