It was again that time of the year when a lot of people started making their New Year Resolutions. Unfortunately, most of these resolutions failed shortly after New Years Eve. Let us take health for example. Many of you may have taken a resolution to get back in shape by exercising regularly and eating nutritious food. But these two steps alone are not enough to ensure a healthy life. This article will discuss about some basic steps to begin a healthier lifestyle this year. But do not make any resolutions this year as it may get easily broken; instead focus on these steps to accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself.

Eat whole foods

Whole foods are the most nutritious food that you can give to your body. There is a belief that you can eat anything that is natural but stay away from foods that are considered junk or less healthy. The major whole foods include fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, whole grains, lentils and beans. One should exclude from his diet all kinds of processed foods and all those food items that have MSG and food dyes in it. Humans function by routine so the longer you consume the right foods the easier and more enjoyable it gets, if you love fast food or junk food you’ll love whole foods before the summer arrives.

Make time to exercise

The benefits of regular exercise are so many that it is very hard to ignore them. There are more than hundred reasons to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. Do all those activities that you enjoy and take your kids along with you. If you have only 10 min per day then you can think of trying out burst training. One must exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight, reduce depression and to combat ailments. Walking 10,000 steps a day is a good start, if you do it regulary you can even multiply and go even further, it gets harder before it gets easier, but it will benefit your mind and body and you become disciplined and strong, which will affect your whole life, privately and socially. Eating right after exercise will boost your confidence and results in no time.

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Think positively

This is pretty much self-explanatory. If you are always thinking negatively about different things then you are not living life to the fullest. There are many benefits of positive thinking such as – increased life span, low rate of distress, reduction in cardiovascular diseases and resistance to common cold. This may sound spiritual but switching negative thought processes into positive thought processes will benefit your life very fast, don’t think about the process of something rather think about the goal, and more than often don’t think anything at all. Let everything that is not under your control play itself out and focus on things you actually can control. If you have to walk 5000 steps till you reach your goal of 10,000, so be it, you’ll feel productive and fulfilled once you reached it. Discover how food affects your mood and how easy it is to change your emotions with the right meals.

Stick to a schedule

Every second in a day should be important to you. If you do not have a plan in place then chances are that you are losing valuable time. Do not spend too much time on social networking websites so that you get the essential things done in quick time. When you follow a schedule strictly you can reap more benefits and bring order to the home. Having a structured daily life may seem stressful at first – but you get used to the stress until it is no stress anymore. You’ll feel fulfilled at the end of the day and more productive, which will make your days better and most importantly more easy.

Reduce toxins

Toxins are poisonous and are found everywhere in our lives. These toxins are hazardous to our health and can cause terrible sickness. One must take steps to remove the unintentional usage of toxins from our daily lives. You can start by replacing your conventional household cleaners with the natural ones.


We as humans nowadays tend to isolate, whether it be because we like to be alone, or that there simply is nobody we can really call a friend. But that doesn’t mean you can’t socialize, walk your dog, buy groceries, and simply be aware of people, greet them, talk to them and just enjoy the present. Socializing in this manner makes you more fulfilled at the end of the day and even if you are an introvert – this will boost your vitals. A study showed how our ancestors socialized to make their lives easier, more advanced and more fulfilling.


There are so many How-To’s and Tutorials these days on everything you can imagine, and even on how to live properly – in the end the only thing that matters is that you want to evolve, mentally and physically, step by step, and bringing order into your daily routine will help you overcome life as a burden and gives you strength to be fulfilled and makes you able to fulfill others.

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I love food, so much that i started writing about it.