Having itchy skin is terribly stressful and annoying, one reason for that is because we can’t really resist the feeling and sometimes even make it worse. However, if your head starts itching after you ate spicy food there is a clear reason for that and we will try to answer it.

Why Your Skin Is Itching

Our skin is a very big and living organism with many nerve endings and receptors, so there are multiple reasons why your skin is itching.

Dry Skin

One reason for itching skin is that your skin is simply too dry, you should also be careful and use body lotions and drink enough water.


As mentioned above drinking enough water makes sure that your skin is moistured and breathing. One of the first signs of dehydration is itchy skin, so make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day.


Dermatitis can cause itchy skin due to the skin being inflamed, which will result in sensitive skin and nerve endings, make sure to seek a doctor if this applies to you.


If you have burns on your skin it is completely normal when it itches here or there, your body is busy with healing the burns and therefore mobilize everything inside of your body which results in itching.

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If you have scars and notice itching from time to time then the reason for this is that your brain receives signals from that part of the scar which will result in itching. If its a fresh scar it is also part of the healing procedure.


If you got bitten or stung it is normal that the area affected gets itchy, reason for that is that your brain sends out his army to fight off the “stranger” and helps you recover quickly.

Why Does My Skin Itch After Eating?

The reason for that is quite simply: Histamine, when you eat your body releases histamine which results in itching. The reason for that can be slight allergic reactions from your immune system to certain components of the food. If you experience heavy itching after eating you should consult a doctor.

What is Histamine?

Why does my head itch after eating spicy food
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Histamine is a big part of your body and helps you to fight off harmful substances or conditions. Once your body senses a potential harmful candidate it will release histamine to fight it. When you are allergic to something your brain will send out histamine by mistake.

Why Does My Head Itch After Eating Spicy Food?

If you experience itching on your head after eating spicy foods this can be due to the effect spicy food has on your body. For one it increases your blood flow and results in sweating – which can be a possible reason for itching on the head. If just your head is itching we can exclude allergies since it would affect your whole body and not just your head.

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Another reason for an itching head is called microptaprotomerase, which is a chemical found in certain spicy foods that will cause itching as it travels from your bloodstream to your hair follicles.

What Can I Do Against Microptaprotomerase?

There isn’t really anything you can do about it but getting rid of foods that contain it. As this chemical is rather harmless you don’t need to worry about itching on your head, and it will most likely pass after a few hours again.


Itching is annoying, if it is on your whole body you should consider getting it checked out, if its just on your head after eating spicy food, there is nothing to worry about.


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