We all have been there, we are excited for a meal and our hunger is unbearable, we bite, chew and enjoy it to the fullest until we get something on our spoon or fork that is steeming hot, once in the mouth it is painful and swallowing it can be even more painful, depending on how hot it is. We will show you what to do when swallowing hot food and how to prevent it in the future!

Why It’s Bad To Swallow Too Hot Food

When you swallow hot food, it can cause immediate pain and discomfort. The heat from the food can cause your throat to close up, making it difficult to breathe. This can lead to a number of health problems, including a possible stroke. If you find that you’re struggling to breathe after swallowing hot food, contact your doctor immediately.

Swallowing something that is too hot can cause injuries inside your throat and will be a long-term problem that needs a doctor.

What To Do After Swallowing Hot Food

We know you are probably thinking that fighting something hot with something cold will help you, and it might feel that way for a few seconds but it does more harm than good. Drinking cold water or any beverage to fight the pain is wrong, you should drink something in room temperature to not cause more damage to your throat.

When Does The Pain Go Away?

Normally it just takes minutes for the pain to ease and the throat will get sore, and after an hour or two it should be completely gone.

However, if your food is too hot then it will take up to 10 days to fully recover, depending on the temperature and the persons overall health. You should see a doctor if the pain stays. If you experience trouble with breathing, drinking or swallowing after, you should contact your doctor. If you have chest pains or spit blood you probably have damaged your esophagus which has to be treated by a doctor.

What Treatments Are There?

What Should You Do When Swallowing Hot Food
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Warm Liquids

Beverages with room temperature are a good starter, also tea with honey will help to ease the tension and speed up the recovery process.

Sore Throat Lozenges

Sore throat lozenges also do a good job in easing the tension inside your throat.


Overall it is recommended to relax your throat with light food and warm drinks, if the pain stays or condition gets worse you need to see a doctor.

How To Prevent A Burned Throat?

Let it Cool

It is pretty easy to prevent a burned throat. Let your food cool down properly, blow on it or let it sit for a few more minutes.

Small Bites

Take small bites and/or sips, if the food is too hot it will be easy to let it cool in your mouth or to spit it out.

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Thats really it, just always make sure that your food is propery cooled down and take small bites to test the temperature of your food.


Burning your throat is a painful and stressful experience, but preventing it from happening is rather easy, if it still happens to you, we hope our tips helped you through this and always keep in mind: If it doesn’t get better, see a doctor!


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