We all love restaurants and their atmosphere, ordering food and spending special time with your loved ones or friends, but what makes it even better are restaurants that let you cook the food for yourself at the table. Not only is it fun to sit at a table with your friends and cook something together, it also boosts social activity.

Cook Food Yourself Restaurants

Cook-For-Yourself restaurants typically let you cook your food at the table, which can be seen in steakhouses or korean BBQ restaurants. The fun part is to decide whether you want it fully cooked, medium cooked or what to cook first while having a chat with your family or friends.

You may think these restaurants aren’t as popular or never even heard of this type of restaurant but to your surprise, the US has many restaurants that offer Cook-For-Yourself services in form of Fondue, BBQ or Grilling.

We searched for 5 restaurants across the US that are most popular for Cook-For-Yourself!

Bulgogi Hut

Bulgogi Hut is a common and comfy place in Los Angeles which offers Cook-For-Yourself Korean Barbecue in a decent and nice atmosphere. The mighty superpower of this restaurant is: All You Can Eat!

The location offers big tables, a big menu and entertainment options such as TV’s.

Visit Bulgogi Hut for more information.

Iron Age Korean Steak House

The Iron Age Korean Steak House is located in Chicago and offers like our first pick: Korean Barbecue, fully DIY, cozy atmosphere and you can reserve your favorite table with your friends or family prior to visiting to ensure minimum to non waiting time!

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Their menu offers a wide variety of meats including Beef, Pork and Chicken plus loads of sides and variations.

Visit Iron Age Korean Steak House for more information.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ

Korean BBQ Restaurants
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Gyu-Kaku is a good location for families and friends in Miami, they offer cozy tables, modern grills and a variety of foods to cook for yourself. You can either order online to pick your raw foods up and cook them at home or make a reservation to dine and cook at the place.

Their special is their angus beef which is, according to Gyu-Kaku, aged for 21 days to ensure maximum taste and quality.

Luckily there are hundreds of Gyu-Kaku restaurants in the world and the US.

For more information check Gyu-Kaku


Love Korean BBQ is a fine and qualitative location in New York which offers not only tasty korean BBQ to cook for yourself, they also offer private dining parties for special occasions, reservations and a DJ!

Yes, a DJ who adds to the atmosphere in a fun and chill way. This place is definitely one to check out when you are in New York.

They offer a big menu with various meats and sides. You should get all your BBQ needs fulfilled!

For more information visit LOVE Korean BBQ.

Boiling Hot Pot

The Boiling Hot Pot is popular place in San Francisco which offers food in a boiling pot, whether it is soup, meat or veggies, you can get it here!

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It is one of a kind experience and it is not too expensive, if you never cooked in a hot pot you should definitely start here.

For more information check Boiling Hot Pot

No.9 Alley Hot Pot

Another Hot Pot restaurant located in Seattle, you can prepare and cook your food in a hot pot at a cozy table, they also offer online orders directly to your doorstep!

Their location is a cozy atmosphere and very traditional, if you like the hot pot experience and the traditional atmosphere you should definitely check this place out.

For more information visit No.9 Alley Hot Pot


These are our top 5 cook-for-yourself restaurants in the US. Luckily there are plenty of these restaurants across the US (Gyu-Kaku alone has 700 restaurants worldwide!) and no matter where you are, a quick google search or yelp search will get you there in no-time. Happy cooking!


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